Nation Builders Trust supported Petra Luna of House of Life community Center to work with commercial sex workers. This 2009 blog shows the many co workers that worked with us.


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Nation builders trust has moved to Zimbabwe. This blog site was set up to disseminate information about House of Life that Petra Luna started, and was assisted by Steve Blomefield, of nation Builders.

Since House of Life was firmly established and did not need any more support from Nation Builders, nation builders returned to Zimbabwe where it is involved in nation building.

For any information about House of Life or Nation Builders, look to the information page. 

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A year spent founding a ministry to sex workers, abused women and HIV/AIDS victims. never boring, often life threatening. From street outreach to starting the rehab center, to formulating programs and approaches to seeing fruit and city wide acceptance by pastors, to applying and obtaining NON PROFIT ORGANISATION status. I saw the value of teaching on the tree with it roots of spirituality, morality and community harmony. Then in the secular sphere, excellence. But being a man in a women’s ministry was not accepted by all pastors, so once the ministry was up and running, it was time to step out.

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1 Steve has moved!

Steve was the original author of the blogsite HOUSEOFLIFEMINISTRIES , using his own email address and username, which cannot be changed. When I resigned from House of life, I could not change over the email address, but I could erase the original content and put more content under the Non-profit organisation Nation Builders Trust. Meanwhile Petra built another site using the same name HOUSE OF LIFE MINISTRY. Meanwhile I have copied the content to this blogsite because it is also my history for a year.

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The testimony of Nosipho Makhatini. Coming from a poor background, striving to reach for high goals, she started studying at university. However, when she met a seemingly rich, sophisticated Nigerian who seemed to have the answers, she fell in love. However he had another agenda- to enslave her to drugs.

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She moved from the rural areas to the city, and after a failed love affair she lost her job and was hungry. She met some commercial sex workers and tempted by the lure of easy money, she started selling her body.She was abused and humiliated by the shame of her experiences with customers until she was approached by Petra luna the director of house of life, and her life was totally turned around …..

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There are many hidden dangers and sacrifices in ministry. perhaps more in Rehabilitation than in others. Death is nearby whether witnessing in the streets or even in the house itself.

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